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Power Sweeping Services

Power Sweeping

Reliable On Time Sweeping Services

Expert sweeping services! Clean streets! Reliable maintenance for urban spaces? Yes! Our dedicated team ensures spotless streets and parking lots with efficient, thorough care.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping involves the use of specialized trucks to clean streets by removing debris, litter, and dirt, ensuring clean and safe urban environments.

Municpal Sweeping

Municipal sweeping keeps city streets, parking lots, garages, and parks clean, enhancing safety and aesthetics for citizens.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Sweep parking lots to remove debris, enhance safety, improve aesthetics, and maintain compliance with regulations.

HOA Sweeping

HOA sweeping ensures community cleanliness, enhances curb appeal, and maintains compliance with regulations, creating a safe and attractive environment for residents.

Retail Sweeping

Retail sweeping creates a clean, welcoming environment, enhancing customers' first impressions and encouraging repeat visits to your store.

Industrial Sweeping

Industrial sweeping enhances safety and security, adheres to strict schedules, and complies with industrial standards to maintain clean, efficient workspaces.

Construction Sweeping

Construction sweeping ensures site cleanliness, compliance with SWPPP and EPA, and follows best management practices (BMP) to prevent pollution.

Large Event Sweeping

Large event sweeping immediately cleans debris, ensuring a safe, clean environment, and quick turnover for next-day activities and operations.

Our Services

We Sweep Everything That Matters

Top-notch power sweeping! Immaculate results! Comprehensive services for streets, parking lots, retail, construction sites, municipalities, and large events? Yes! Our expert team ensures thorough, reliable sweeping and maintenance across Houston.

Street sweeping involves the use of power sweeping trucks to clean of streets to remove debris, dirt, and litter, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Parking lot sweeping utilizes power sweeping trucks to clear parking areas of debris, dirt, and litter, ensuring a pristine and secure environment.

Retail sweeping utilizes power sweeping trucks to clean retail parking lots, removing debris, dirt, and litter to maintain a welcoming and safe looking environment for customers.

Construction sweeping involves using specialized equipment to remove track-out and construction debris from work sites, ensuring the area remains clean, safe, and compliant with environmental regulations.

Municipal sweeping focuses on cleaning city streets, parking lots, and garages, utilizing advanced equipment to remove debris and litter, ensuring a clean and well-maintained urban environment.

HOA sweeping ensures neighborhood compliance by regularly cleaning streets and common areas, removing debris and litter to maintain a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for residents.

Industrial sweeping involves using specialized equipment to maintain cleanliness in industrial areas, adhering to strict security clearances and working within specific industrial schedules to ensure efficient and compliant operations.

Large event sweeping ensures cleanliness and safety by efficiently removing debris, trash, and litter before, during, and after major events, maintaining a pristine environment for attendees and organizers.

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