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Street Sweeping

Houston's Premier Street Sweeping Services

“Elevating Environments with Expert Maintenance and Cleaning Services.”

Dynamic Commercial Solutions, serving Greater Houston, Texas, is your top choice for comprehensive power sweeping services. Utilizing advanced sweeper trucks, we ensure your pavement is clear of litter, debris, and unwanted items such as trash, rocks, glass, leaves, and grass. With multiple trucks operating seven days a week, we guarantee prompt and efficient service for your property.

We understand the unique challenges of street sweeping, offering customizable programs tailored to your needs, whether you require nightly service or a specific schedule.

Our Full-Service Approach Includes:

  • Blowing sidewalks to clear litter and debris.
  • Removing trash from corners, handicap spaces, islands, and other areas inaccessible to the truck, ensuring a pristine parking lot.
  • Sweeping all parking areas and pavement to eliminate trash, litter, and debris.
  • Handpicking large litter from green spaces, landscapes, islands, and flowerbeds.
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners for a clean environment.
  • Sweeping entrances and exits to maintain cleanliness and accessibility.
  • Cleaning service areas and dumpster enclosures of large debris to enhance overall property appearance.

At Dynamic Commercial Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality, service, and reliability. We are dedicated to getting the job done right every time, understanding the importance of clean pavement at a reasonable price for your streets. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet the unique needs of your property.